How To Make Better Steaks With A Sous Vide Machine

I have been a gadget freak as far as cooking is involved:

I love shopping and most of all I love shopping for things that are related to my kitchen. You may call it some kind of obsession but not really!

I am a nutritionist by choice and I have realized that the more you invest in your health, the better returns you get in life. Anything else that you invest in is going to get you diminishing returns even if in a small percentage. My tryst with healthy cooking happened when I was pregnant for the first time twelve years ago.

I had some sort of allergy which prevented me from having a lot of food items and I was expected to be extremely careful during all the prenatal months so that I don’t catch any infection in the first place and secondly that I don’t pass on the infection to the fetus.

I have been able to keep the infections at bay:

Intense research and experimentations later I realized that the key to good health was in our own hands if we neglect our health we cannot and do not have the loci to blame anyone else except ourselves. And so I took it upon myself to make sure that I plan out every dish and chart out the ingredients to make sure that nothing unwanted goes into the system and creates any mischief.

I discovered sous vide method cooking about a couple of years ago:

It is definitely a better method of cooking. And with someone who has done her homework well, you better agree with it because not only have I read enough on it but I have tried and tested the food cooked on it. The food made via sous vide machine is not only superior in color and flavor but also consistently good in taste. I am yet to find an alternative to such a lovely method of cooking. I am impressed with it to the hilt.

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