Beginners guide to buying wine

Yesterday, I was invited to write a guest post on one of my friend’s blogs:

And no awards for getting this right! The blog is basically a great way of learning about spirits. The guest post that I contributed is all about wine; more specifically it is my humble attempt at writing down what I as wine aficionados have in my journey learned about it. If you are somebody who wants to explore wine and learn about Tempranillo more specifically, then I would highly recommend that you read the blog and particularly my post so that you have a complete lowdown on what it is!

And what it is ‘is purely magic’!

A very small percentage of people know about the excellent quality of this wine and the still smaller percentage that has even tasted it! This red colored wine is actually sourced from the Spain area in Europe and it is one of the most quickly maturing vines in the country. In fact, the name is itself an indication of the quickness of the ripening of the fruit and in the local lingo means something that matures quickly.

The color of the wine!

The red color of the wine is characterized by the red color o the grapes from which it is made. When the wine is young it gives out a fleshy fruity flavor but with age, it can only become better and better. However, the fresh wine is also consumed with equal enthusiasm and fervor.

I have got rave reviews from people:

I cannot even believe but in less than twenty-four hours my blog post has gone so viral that there have been thousands of people who have visited the website and scores of people who have left kind words of encouragement which I really appreciate. I hope to foray in with yet another education blog post in the near future. Till then, follow me and stay tuned for more! And for those of you who would like to order, there is also a link, in the end, to take you directly to the store!!