Are You Skinny? Learn How to Gain Weight Effectively?

When the world is looking to shed fat and weigh less, there are a few skinny people with super-fast metabolism looking to gain muscle mass. To cater to the needs of this group, the sports nutrition industry has come up with workouts, diet plans and weight-gain supplements to resolve the issue of skinny guys.

If you wish to defeat your skinny genetics, then it is important that you know what to do and what to avoid, because most things that work for the majority may not be suitable for you.

  • Eat more and eat nutrient-dense food. It is essential to gain muscle mass, rather than fat.
  • Increase your food portion sizes and exercise to improve your appetite; Also tweak you diet to increase your daily calorie consumption. Set a goal, and try to achieve it with a balanced diet.
  • Workout with a knowledgeable trainer who can help you gain muscle and tone your body well, to look lean and fit.
  • Consult a certified nutritionist and consume a combination of carbohydrates and protein shakes when you work- out.
  • After due consultation, improve your chances of gaining weight by taking muscle- gain supplements.

What can weight gain supplements do?

The best weight gainers for skinny guys usually help in muscle gains and not fat accumulation. When you shop for the best mass gainers suitable for your lean body, it is important to remember that supplements may not help resolve your ‘skinny’ issues quickly with a magic wand. What these gainers/ or supplements do is to increase your calorie consumption, protein build-up, and carbs absorption.

Beware of nutritional supplement companies that resort to ‘Amino Spiking’. Amino spiking refers to the inclusion of amino acids like glycine and taurine and creatine, to protein shakes whey protein powders to raise the nitrogen content which reflect an artificial increase in the percentage of protein content in the product. This only leads to fat gain rather than the required muscle growth.

It is best to read the ingredients list thoroughly and discuss with a qualified nutritionist before going ahead with the consumption of weight gain supplements.


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