The House Of YSL

To say that Yves Saint Laurent isn’t an iconic fashion brand would be underplaying everything that the French fashion giant has achieved. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is one of the 20th century’s most iconic brands and every single one of their products is a must own.

The founder of the design house YSL learned his chops with Christian Dior, another French icon. Yves Saint Laurent’s journey began in 1953, when three of his sketches won first place at a contest held by the International Wool Secretariat. This win fuelled this journey which eventually led to many serendipitous events all culminating in the creation of the fashion house we all know and love as YSL.

YSL Handbags

If there is one thing that the house of YSL is synonymous with, it is youth. Their clothing has always had a youthful vibe and was always meant to capture the esprit d’ corps of the young generation. Each collection of YSL products has somehow managed to become iconic in its own way.

Take, for instance, YSL handbags. Everything from the colors to the detailing all represent something important and relevant to the people of today. Every bag seems to tell its wearer that you need this bag more than ever. The detailing and craftsmanship is evident.

Why I Love YSL

Here’s the thing, being young is hard work! And honestly, it’s tough to go out every single day looking like you have everything under control. Some days are hard. That’s really when your material possessions come in handy. There are days when a nice bag, or a favorite pair of earrings can take your outfit to the next level, and this is why I love YSL bags. Taking out my precious YSL bag can make even the dreariest of days look amazing.

A YSL bag is meant to make you feel young, and amazing. So, get a YSL bag today and enjoy the perks of being fashion forward.


Tips To Keep Your Dog Calm

Every dog at some point or the other undergoes some kind of anxiety or stress.  To help your dog overcome anxiety and stress issues, you first need to identify the cause and find out since how long he has been displaying signals and symptoms of anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety

Different dogs demonstrate anxiety signals in different ways like-

  • pacing
  • decreased appetite
  • profusely shaking or trembling
  • continuously smacking lips
  • excessive drooling
  • frequent yawning
  • dilated pupils
  • panting
  • over-grooming
  • hyper- vigilance
  • and even skin lesions in extreme cases

If you observe any of these symptoms repeatedly then your pet dog most probably is experiencing stress or anxiety symptoms. Now that you have determined that your pet dog is experiencing anxiety the next step is to identify the cause of it.

Causes of anxiety

Anxiety can be caused due to several reasons like a bad experience with some larger dogs, abusive behavior by some person. loud noises like fireworks or thunder, medical illness or irritation by some other animals. Notice his behavior when he is being taken out or his reaction to certain people or places.

In many cases, dogs experience anxiety, even when they are separated from their owners for long durations.

Tips to calm down your pet dog

  • Physical contact

Petting your dog or just holding him can make him feel secure and comforted. Like in humans’ physical contact helps relieve anxiety and stress in dogs too.

  • Praise them

Talking to them and continuously praising them and rewarding them keeps them happy and helps to keep your dog nice and calm.

  • Keep your own emotions in check

Try not to look too stressed out and anxious yourself as your pets can easily sense your discomfort and will feel more nervous and stressed than before.

  • Anxiety supplements and medications

In extreme cases, your vet may prescribe some anti -depressants or dietary supplements containing amino acids like tryptophan and polyunsaturated fatty acids like DEXA hexanoic acid. Pheromones for dogs also have been reported to having a calming effect on dogs, which are available in diffusers, sprays and even infused into collars etc.


Have You Wondered Where You Can Procure Wholesale Coffee?

When you are setting up a coffee shop:

When your dream startup is to open a successful coffee shop then there is one ingredient that is the sine qua non of this business and that is to procure the best coffee beans and not only that but to procure them at the best rates possible.

Why the best quality is essential:

There is heavy competition in this field and to make an impression here you need to be extremely creative with your campaign, your strategy and the ambiance of your coffee shop. There is no way that you can afford to be lackadaisical about the quality of the coffee beans itself which is the core of your business. The more passionate you will be about getting the best quality and the consistency of the beans, the proportionate amount of success you will see in your business sooner.

The price tag:

Again in a market where there is heavy to very heavy competition, the trick to get more footfalls is to price your wares correctly. You need to have them priced appropriately for you cover your overheads and also take home some. And the cup has to be priced such that there is a minimum difference between it and your closest competition. This will definitely not tantamount to undercutting. There is a difference between the two. Undercutting prices is unethical and is indiscriminate slashing down of prices unobvious to the market dynamics. But pricing it right is ethical and you need to work out how much margin is good enough for you to work with because you need to run the show longer.

Sourcing the beans or the brewed coffee from the wholesale coffee company:

It does make a big difference if you opt to buy a bulk amount of coffee in whatever form for whole sellers because the price difference is definitely big between wholesale and retail bags. Always ask for samples from the whole sellers before buying in bulk and do your background research. This is important with every batch of wholesale coffee that you order.

Are You Skinny? Learn How to Gain Weight Effectively?

When the world is looking to shed fat and weigh less, there are a few skinny people with super-fast metabolism looking to gain muscle mass. To cater to the needs of this group, the sports nutrition industry has come up with workouts, diet plans and weight-gain supplements to resolve the issue of skinny guys.

If you wish to defeat your skinny genetics, then it is important that you know what to do and what to avoid, because most things that work for the majority may not be suitable for you.

  • Eat more and eat nutrient-dense food. It is essential to gain muscle mass, rather than fat.
  • Increase your food portion sizes and exercise to improve your appetite; Also tweak you diet to increase your daily calorie consumption. Set a goal, and try to achieve it with a balanced diet.
  • Workout with a knowledgeable trainer who can help you gain muscle and tone your body well, to look lean and fit.
  • Consult a certified nutritionist and consume a combination of carbohydrates and protein shakes when you work- out.
  • After due consultation, improve your chances of gaining weight by taking muscle- gain supplements.

What can weight gain supplements do?

The best weight gainers for skinny guys usually help in muscle gains and not fat accumulation. When you shop for the best mass gainers suitable for your lean body, it is important to remember that supplements may not help resolve your ‘skinny’ issues quickly with a magic wand. What these gainers/ or supplements do is to increase your calorie consumption, protein build-up, and carbs absorption.

Beware of nutritional supplement companies that resort to ‘Amino Spiking’. Amino spiking refers to the inclusion of amino acids like glycine and taurine and creatine, to protein shakes whey protein powders to raise the nitrogen content which reflect an artificial increase in the percentage of protein content in the product. This only leads to fat gain rather than the required muscle growth.

It is best to read the ingredients list thoroughly and discuss with a qualified nutritionist before going ahead with the consumption of weight gain supplements.