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2016 is seeing too many technical bombardments. Yea, when you tune into science news, you will get to know what we are talking about. Virtual reality it is!!

“Oh! Yes, I have heard this before too” you say. Yes, it was well announced in the last few years about its improvements, developments. The first company to introduce a gadget on this technology in the recent past was Oculus VR, which is now taken up by Facebook for a whopping $2Billion. That’s a huge sum!!

Indeed it is!! But, once the gadgets hit the market, it is sure a crowd puller and will get double the profits and name too. Well, let’s get into the content.

What’s this Virtual Reality? Let’s explain it to you.

Virtual reality is a technology that uses software in generating realistic images, sounds and other gaming necessities to provide a real world experience and ambience to the gamers. It is also a simulator and a trainer, based on its usage context.


They are nothing but the devices which incorporates this technology. There are few devices like Smartphones, Headset and few PC which have partial implementation of this technology.

VR Headset:

This is one of the main devices of this technology. This headset provides an entrancing virtual reality to the user. They trick your brain to think and act in the world, thinking it as the real one. It creates a virtual, real-like world for the gamer. So, are you ready for the next gaming makeover? This is definitely a visual treat for any technical geek!

There are many brands offering this device, with different specifications. All of them use the same technology but in a slight different way.” is an OFFICIAL WEBSITE of this technology, telling you about the Best VR DEVICES for you. They give info on THE TOP VIRTUAL REALITY DEVICES.

The first one they describe is about a simple DIY model of this technology. What, DIY?? Sounds amazing!! Yes, we heard you. Well, it’s quite simple and is called the Cardboard VR Device. This is made available by Google, for those looking to get the experience but at the least price. Here you just get good quality cardboard, a smartphone supporting that technology, software installed on it. And lastly you will need a good pair of lens to take you through this experience.

The next device is the HTC, Sony, and Oculus Rift.

Here this technology is used as a simulator to the new pilots. They have used them in airplane training for the pilots. To train about travelling, shooting on purposes, crashing, attacks, accidental landing. It gives a complete enthralling experience, without actually doing them in real world. Please visit the site   “”and experience the experience we are talking about.

See how useful it is! If in reality all these needed to be provided, there needed to be many resources, which might actual cost up a lot, and also might be a loss to them. This new technology is creating a whole new world of training in an important aspect of our lives. With this our pilots can gain lot of experience and we can expect a downfall in air crashes going forward.

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Test You Binoculars Before You Buy

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You may prefer to buy a binocular at a store or through online. There are various binoculars available on the market. I hear you say I want the best binoculars on the market! You can go through various reviews that are available online and could purchase it only. Assume that you have ordered and received one. How will you know that the binocular is working properly and how will you make sure whether your binocular is trouble free.

When you purchase it in a store you could test it directly by yourself. Do you know how to test a binocular before purchasing one? If not read below to know more about how to test the binocular you have chosen.

* Scratches: This is the one which can be identified more clearly and this is the foremost thing that has to be checked for. If you find any scratches on the objective lens, the purchase becomes a total waste. So, don’t forget to check it immediately.

* Weight: The other important thing that could be easily tested is the weight. The weight should be such that you are able to handle it easily. If you are going to use it regularly, then weight is also the main thing that you have to consider while purchasing.

* Exit pupil and the barrel: Hold the binocular at a distance at try viewing it. The exit pupil should be bright and circular. The two barrel should be in the same direction and make sure that there is no misalignment. If not, using it consistently may strain your eyes.

* Antireflection Coating: Check the reflection of the light through front and back lenses. Usually the reflection would be purple, blue or green in colour. If you find a white reflection, do not accept it. It does not have antireflection coating.

* Night Vision: If you are purchasing one for viewing the starts at night, test it by viewing the stars at night. When you centred your focus on to the star, you should not see rays or spikes coming out of it. A small deviation may be ok but make sure this is not a big problem. Even when you purchase the best night vision goggles make sure that rays or spikes are not seen coming from the object.

* Chromatic aberration: Try viewing a distant tree during the day time. You should not see any green or violet fringes coming out from the object. If seen ,then the binocular has chromatic aberration defect. This could be a problem for people who give importance to the colour while viewing it. It may not be the best camping binocular for those who love to watch the birds and nature lovers.

Even though you are going to purchase the best small binoculars, make sure you test it immediately before purchasing it. Online purchasers need not worry. Open the wrap immediately once it is delivered and test the above to make sure your binocular is error free. Most sites nowadays offer free return, so if you see any issues return it immediately.

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